Ashton and David’s race to south beach took off quickly! We wanted to see how fast either of could (legally) get to south beach, miami, Florida from New York City. We both decided to move down to florida and we had to take our cars with us, so we thought that we’d make it interesting.

At first, we didn’t plan on doing this little race, but when Ashton thought he had a better route planned out to get there the faster than the way I wanted to go, it turned into a bet, as usual.

Before I go on, Ill tell you little about what inspired our trip in the first place. We both got new jobs in Florida (which is cool because were good friends). I was a manager at a big footlocker in Manhattan, and he worked at a place where people come to sell gold. And he even started this website where people can sell their diamonds in New York.

We both left from Brooklyn, NY at the same exact time from the same exact place. We packed up our cars and we were out of there! The first hour or so we were pretty much going the same way, but then we parted ways and took our own routs down the country.

We stayed in touch during the drive with our cell phones, and he was in the lead most of the time according to what he was telling me. About 9 hours into the drive, which is pretty much half way, we actually came to a point where we were tied! We didnt see each other because we were on different roads, but we were tied.

I ended passing Ashton about 17 hours in, and there was only 2 hours left. We had only stopped for gas and coffee the entire time!

I was the winner

I ended up getting to south beach, Miami about 40 minutes faster than Ashton, so he bought the beers ;)

south beach

Isn’t that beautiful?